Should I Repair Or Replace My Wooden Fence?

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Your wooden fence is timeless, and secure, and has provided your family with a sense of safety for several years. However, your once beautiful wooden fence is looking worn and dingy, and you aren't sure if it is time to upgrade the fence or if it can be repaired. Because a new wooden fence can be a huge investment, learning more about the signs it is time to upgrade or repair a fence is critical.

Here are a few clear indications that it is time to upgrade your wood fence and signs when it is better to save your money and have the fence professionally repaired instead. 

Isolated Wood Rot and Splitting

Despite your best efforts, constant exposure to the elements means that your wooden fence will suffer some kind of damage. The most common forms of damage are peeling paint, wood rot, splitting wood, or damage to the posts and gate. If the damage is isolated to a couple of posts and slats, it is better to have them individually repaired or replaced, rather than opting for a whole new fence.

Luckily, there are ways you can help slow down wood rot and prevent costly repairs. Consistently cleaning your wood fence is a great way to prevent damage. Talk to a fence contractor about how often to repaint or restain your wooden fence. In addition to enhancing the fence's beauty, the paint and stain also protect the wood underneath.

Extensive Rot and Splitting

Unfortunately, if there is extensive splitting, rot, and severe damage to the fence, the better option is to have the entire fence removed and replaced. Do not opt for a partial replacement. Having an entirely new system ensures that the wood wears and is repainted and restained at the same time, which helps retain the overall beauty and durability of the fence.

The age of the fence and the cost of repairs should also be a factor. If the fence is several decades old or if the cost of repairs is comparable to the cost of building a new fence, having a replacement erected is the better option.

Are You Selling Your Home?

Finally, if you are putting your home on the market in the future, consider having a new fence installed. A wood fence is a great option. However, many potential buyers prefer vinyl fencing because it is often more inexpensive to repair and maintain.

Part of owning a wooden fence is knowing when you can have the fence repaired, or if it is a better option to replace the entire system. Contact a fence builder in your area with any additional questions.