Cedar Fencing: Why Install It And How To Care For It

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Cedar fencing is a popular style of fence for people who want both privacy and class in their fencing material. A natural material, cedar is also super durable in that it's naturally repelling to both water and insects. Redwood is the same way, which is why you'll find these two kinds of wood commonly used in home siding, shingles, fencing, and in outdoor furnishing designs.

Cedar in particular makes beautiful fencing because of its reddish-pink color and soft grain. You can stain cedar fencing any color you want, or leave it in its natural color to really add a rustic charm to your yard.

Here are reasons to install cedar fencing and how you should care for it so it lasts a long time. Your investment in cedar fencing should pay off well — a cedar fence will last around 30 years if it's not treated, and can last a very long time if it's stained or painted.

Your fencing costs are low

Compared to redwood, which is a fencing competitor to cedar fencing, cedar is cost-effective. Cheaper to install but equally resistant to rot and bug infestations, cedar is the wise option if you want a lasting fence on a budget.

Your fencing will keep its beauty

Cedar fencing changes color as it ages, but it should keep its overall integrity and design as it ages. Older cedar fencing will turn a whitish-gray or a silvery color, which can still be painted or stained if you have not treated the wood before. Treated cedar fencing should maintain whatever color you choose for it, so long as you continue treating the material.

Your fencing is easy to care for

If you want a wood fence that is easy to care for, then cedar fencing is a wise solution for you. Cedar fencing is easy to care for and can be maintained simply by checking the gates to make sure they are closing and opening easily, the posts are still in the ground and not moving, and that all panels are secured. A weak fence panel can be repaired by your fencing contractor so you can keep the fence in its best condition, longer.

When you invest in cedar fencing, you invest in a quality fence that will look beautiful and offer a charming protective barrier to your yard. Installed professionally, your wood fence installation should last for many years. Get a bid for services from your cedar fencing specialist so you know how much your fence will last.