Vinyl Fencing Ideas You May Not Have Considered

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When homeowners think about vinyl fencing, they tend to think of the traditional solid privacy fencing options. In fact, when you visit your local hardware and home remodeling stores, the privacy option is the most common. The truth is, there are many types of vinyl options out there and many ideas available. Here are a few of the ideas that a vinyl fence installation service can provide for your property.

Vinyl Lattice Designs

If you garden or you want more light to shine through onto your lawn, then a vinyl lattice design may be ideal. These designs generally offer the traditional latticework you would see in gardens and around the smaller properties or home porch and crawl space areas. The lattice comes in several styles, including top-border lattice designs, full lattice panels, and climbing trellis latticework. You can also mix and match the panels to give you fencing that offers privacy in some areas as well as functional gardening panels for climbing vine plants or vertical gardening. 

Vinyl Privacy Fencing

For some homeowners, the idea of privacy while they are using their backyard is vital. This may be privacy for the homeowners and their children while using features like pools and patios. You may also want privacy fencing to block off certain windows in your home from being viewed from the neighboring yard or roadway. One of the traditional vinyl fencing options is simple, solid vinyl paneling. The solid paneling is available in various heights as well as colors to fit your home design and landscaping needs. The panels also offer as much privacy as a traditional wood privacy fence, but with a longer lifespan and greater durability.

Vinyl Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is a traditional option for some homeowners that live in close-knit neighborhoods. It provides a suitable yet well-manicured option for marking off property lines. It can also be kept very plain, meaning the fencing is simply a line of the picket vinyl panels. It can also be upgraded to offer decorative posts with various styles, including Roman-style posts or Victorian-style posts. These posts can also include lighted caps equipped with LED lights or solar lights. 

Keep in mind, you will need to choose a gate and post options for your vinyl fencing. You may also need to have a land survey done to ensure that the fencing will not interfere with underground plumbing or electrical resources near or around the property lines. If you have questions about the installation process including current deadlines and installation schedule, ask your service provider during the consultation. For more information, reach out to a local fencing company, like Mills Fence.