Reasons To Replace Your Damaged Wood Fence With Chain Link Fencing

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If your wood fence was blown down in a storm, you may be faced with the need to get a new fence right away even if your budget isn't ready for it. One solution is to opt for a chain link fence. These fences are one of the most affordable fencing options, and they are easy to install. If you need a fence to keep your dog in the yard, then you'll want to replace your destroyed fence as quickly as possible. Here are some advantages of chain link fencing as a replacement for your old wood fence.

Chain Link Is More Durable Than Wood

Wood can rot and crack. This makes it weak and susceptible to damage in strong wind. One advantage of a chain link fence is that it's made of metal so it won't rot. The metal is usually galvanized steel so it won't rust away and get weak. This means chain link fencing can last a long time and stay strong and stable. The way a chain link fence is made allows for wind to blow through the gaps in the fence so the risk of a chain link fence being blown over is small. If you live in an area that gets a lot of storms, then a chain link fence can give you peace of mind that your fence will still be standing when the storm has passed.

Chain Link Fencing Requires Little Care

You don't have to paint or fuss over a metal chain link fence. Some of these fences have vinyl wrapped over the metal links, and the vinyl wrapping is also maintenance free. It's possible to damage one of these fences, but the damaged area can be cut out and new mesh put in so the fence is back to new condition. If a tree falls on the fence or a car runs into it, you'll want to have repairs made, but when it comes to routine maintenance, you won't have much to do except keep weeds from growing up the fence so it stays nice looking.

Chain Link Fencing Provides Maximum Security

Chain link fences are used in industrial, military, and correctional settings, so they're proven to be exceptional at providing security. If you want a fence that also helps with home security, then chain link is a good choice. You don't have to install a fence that makes your property look like a military installation or factory. Instead of bare silver, you can get chain link fencing in black, brown, or another color when you have the metal wrapped in vinyl. The fence still performs the same but has a more attractive appearance.

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