Chain Link Fence Misinformation

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While there are a number of different types of fencing that can be installed to secure your property, you might not be aware of the fact that you may believe some myths that could warp your decision-making process.  

Myth: Chain Link Fencing Can Always Be Easily Scaled

Individuals will often be attracted to chain link fencing due to its low cost and high durability. However, they may assume that the fence will be easily scaled by individuals looking to circumvent it. Yet, there are many upgrades and enhancements that can be made to reduce the ability of individuals to be able to climb over the fence. For example, it is possible to put painful barbs along the top of the fence. Also, there are many chain link fences that can be electrified to further reduce the risk of someone attempting to climb over it.

Myth: Rust Will Be A Constant Concern For Chain Link Fencing

While it might seem as though a metal chain link fence will be constantly at risk of developing rust, this metal is coated so that it will be highly resistant to the formation of rust. Furthermore, you may be able to opt for chain link fencing that has a layer of vinyl on it that will greatly reduce the risk of corrosion forming.

Myth: It Is Always Easy To Cut Through Chain Link Fencing

Another security concern may be individuals cutting through a chain link fence. If this is a risk that you feel is likely, you can negate the ability of individuals to cut through the chain link by opting for thicker chain link. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to completely prevent a dedicate person from cutting through any type of material. To address this, it is possible to install a monitoring system that can detect the vibrations from cutting the fence and sound an alarm or send a notification.

Myth: There Is No Preparation Work That Needs To Be Done Before Installing The Fence

Before a chain link fence can be installed, you will need to properly prepare the area where the fence will be installed. This should include removing as much of the brush or debris that may be in the path of the fence as well as conducting soil tests. The soil tests may seem unnecessary, but they are the most reliable way of ensuring the soil will be sufficiently sale to support the weight of the fence.

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