Choosing Between A Vinyl Or Wood Privacy Fence

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A privacy fence is a popular option in residential fences. Other types of fencing such as chain link or ornamental steel are used too depending on your needs, but the benefit of choosing a privacy fence is that it keeps your neighbors from seeing into your yard. Wood and vinyl are two options in privacy fencing. Here's a look at choosing between the two.

Choosing Based On Color

A wood fence can be any color you choose since you can paint it for a new look any time you want. The drawback is the work involved in painting a fence and maintaining the paint over the years. Vinyl fences come in several colors off the shelf, so you have a wide variety.

Although white is popular, you can choose from brown, green, tan, or some other color. The color of a vinyl fence is part of the fence itself so it won't flake off or need to be repainted. This reduces the amount of maintenance the fence needs, but the drawback is you can't change the color when you feel like it.

Selecting What's Allowed

If you live in an HOA community, you may not have a choice in the type of fencing you can install. Look into all regulations that pertain to you when it comes to city regulations and HOA rules. You might be restricted to one type of fence, and that takes the decision out of your hands.

Choosing According To Price

Comparing the cost of wood and vinyl fences takes some consideration. If you have a limited budget initially, then wood is a good choice since it is usually cheaper than vinyl. If you want to compare the long-term cost of maintaining the fence, then vinyl is the best choice. Wood fencing needs more maintenance over the years since wood deteriorates and the fence needs to be stained or painted every few years.

Picking Based On Care Required

If you're looking for a fence you don't have to spend time keeping attractive and in good repair, then vinyl is the way to go. Vinyl needs very little care other than washing it occasionally and repairing storm damage. Wood needs frequent attention to repair loose or sagging boards and to fix damage from insects, water, and age. If you enjoy home improvement chores, then spending a weekend now and then maintaining a wood fence may be something you enjoy. If you want a fence you can install and forget about, yet depend on to stay strong to keep in pets and kids, then vinyl is worth considering.