Answering Questions About Fence Installation

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Installing a residential fence is usually a manageable project. Of course, if you have a giant yard, and need several hundred feet of fencing, it is going to be a major project. But, adding a fence to a traditional tract home property, in order to mark off your property lines, add some security and privacy to your yard, and make your property look more stylish, is definitely a good idea. Here are two of the most common questions that DIYers ask when it comes to building a fence.

Do I Need to Use a Post Digging Shovel?

Short answer: you don't need to, but you should. Post digging shovels can obviously be helpful if you are setting your post directly in soil. They enable you to dig deep, without digging too wide. This is vital when it comes to creating strong post because it also helps to make sure the sides of your hole are strong and remain tightly packed. Basically, if your hole ends up being too wide, you have to use more concrete, and you have to spend more time trying to tamp down the edges of the soil. That is, when you dig with a normal shovel, the side of the hole is going to crumble more. So, even though a post digging shovel might cost you about $40-$100, it can ultimately speed up the installation process.

Are Modular Fences as Strong as Normal Fences?

Short answer: yes, sometimes they are even stronger! Modular fence are made out the same materials that normal fences are. You can find vinyl, wood, and fiberglass products that are modular. But, modular fences might end up being stronger in the long run for two reasons. First, they reduce the risk of human error during installation. If you have to build your own fence from scratch, there is a good chance that you might mess up a few of the cuts. If some of your pieces are nor uniform, it could put stress on other parts of the fence. Second, they don't need as many screws. When you are attaching your fence pieces with screws and bolts, you need to drill holes in the material. Holes are obviously going to be susceptible to damage. Water can get inside your fence. If you have wood, moisture can be more problematic.

So, make sure you buy a modular product and install your posts using a post digging shovel. Contact a company, like Aaa Fence LLC, for more help.