How To Make Your Plywood Fence Look New Again

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Making a fence out of plywood, which is several thin pieces of wood pressed and glued together, is a more affordable options than using other materials. After a few years of wear and tear and climate conditions, such as rain, humidity and high heat, the plywood fence may begin to discolor, warp and even crack in some spots.

To help extend the life of the fence and improve the look of your front or backyard, set aside some time to give the plywood a little TLC. It will only take an afternoon, and you'll end up with a refreshed fence.

Following are some steps for making your plywood fence look new again:

1. Before performing any type of maintenance on the fence, start with a good washing to remove built-up debris and grime. You have to be careful, though, as too much water force can damage already-soft areas of wood. Use a pressure washer rated at 3000 PSI or less and use a wide-angle spray tip.

Hold the washer's hose about 15 inches away from the wood as you wash it down. Avoid any rotted areas, which you can either remove or wash with a regular hose. Allow the wood to thoroughly dry before moving on.

2. If you notice any split or cracked pieces of wood, you can use heavy-duty waterproof glue and some C-clamps to fix them. Allow the glue to dry the manufacturer's recommended amount of time before removing the clamps.

If there is a lot of damage, such as from mold, mildew or too much moisture, you may have to remove the rotten boards and replace them with new ones using nails and a hammer. You don't want to try to paint or stain rotten boards because they will most likely end up collapsing anyway.

3. Next, paint or stain the cleaned and repaired fence boards. Use either stain or paint that is mildew- and moisture-resistant and rated for outdoor use only. If the fence is already painted, you won't be able to stain it without stripping all of the old paint off of it first. It's best to just give it a few fresh coats of a similar-colored or darker paint to renew it. 

Staining previously-stained or bare plywood will give the finish a natural glow. If you like the color of the plywood, use an exterior semitransparent oil stain on it, which will seal the wood and protect it while still allowing its natural color to show through. 

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