Need A New Wood Fence? Why You Should Select Cedar

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Many homeowners love the rustic look of a wood fence, as well as the additional security and privacy they provide. When you select the material for your fence, you'll want to make sure you pick the best one available. Pine, cypress, and oak are all great choices, but cedar can give you some great benefits that will make the material the best choice from the bunch.

Cedar Repels Insects

One disadvantage of using most types of wood is that they are susceptive to insects like termites or bees. You won't have to worry about this if you go with a cedar fence. There are natural oils in the wood that make it unappealing to insects. They will stay away from the fence, and it will prevent the need to spray the wood with insecticides to keep them away. This can be a huge benefit when you have kids or a dog that will come in contact with the fence.

Cedar Will Not Shrink or Warp

Many woods are prone to warping over the years because they absorb water. It can cause the fence to not look so great after only a few years. If you select cedar wood, this will not be a problem since the wood doesn't warp over time due to it being so dense. You can have peace of mind that the fence will always look straight.

Cedar Will Not Rot or Grow Mold

It's common for wood fencing to be sealed so it is protected against water, which prevents rot and mold from occurring. Remember those oils that help the wood repel insects? It also helps protect the wood from moisture. There should not be a need to seal or waterproof a cedar fence. You're still able to paint or stain a cedar fence if you want to, but it isn't necessary. You can leave the wood looking natural, which helps retain the rustic charm that attracted you to the material in the first place.

Cedar Is An Abundant Material

Cedar is one type of wood that is widely available no matter what part of the country you live in. This is because cedar trees are protected against many diseases for the same reasons it makes for a good fencing material. It helps make the material affordable and easy to locate. When you have to repair a section of cedar fencing in the future, you should have no problems acquiring the material.

For more information about the benefits of cedar, speak to a local fence company.