Dog Friendly Wrought Iron Fence Ideas

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Do you love the look of wrought iron fencing but you aren't sure if it is a suitable option because you have a dog? Fortunately, there are iron fencing options that can meet your design standards while also providing a safe yard for your pet. The following are a few options to consider that can help you achieve the goals you have for your fence.

Idea #1: Pay attention to the pickets

The distance between the pickets on your fence aren't that important if you have a big dog, but it's a different story if your pup is smaller. Make sure the pickets are spaced closely enough together so that your dog can't squeeze through. As a general rule, if your dog can fit their head through they can most likely squeeze their body through as well.

Idea #2: Avoid additional horizontal bars

The standard design of a wrought iron fence requires a horizontal bar near the bottom and near the top to support the pickets. Some designs may also have additional bars as a decorative element. The issue with these extra bars is that some dogs are able to use these as rungs to climb out of the yard.

Idea #3: Add some curbing

Due to the design of iron fence panels, there is usually an inch or two of space at the bottom. This isn't an immediate problem if your dog is too big to squeeze under, but it can encourage your dog to try digging beneath the fence. A beautiful way to finish the fence and prevent this is to use brick or concrete curbing to create a border around the lawn and directly under the fence. This also gives the fence a more finished look and it prevents grass and weeds from growing in this difficult to mow area.

Idea #4: Consider a topper

For some dogs, especially breeds that are good jumpers or climbers, even the tallest wrought iron fence is easy to get over. In this case, consider combining wrought iron with a stone or block fence. You can have the smooth fencing material as the bottom part of your fence, and then top it with a decorative wrought iron panel. This adds additional height and the stone doesn't give a dog good footing for climbing up the fence.

For more wrought iron fencing ideas, contact a fence contractor, such as City Wide Fence Co, for help.