Add Style To A Chain-Link Fence With 4 Beautifying Tips

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Getting a chain-link fence installed around the perimeter of your yard is a fantastic way to enjoy some added privacy, along with improving the way that the front of your home looks. If you're hesitant about the aesthetics of a chain-link fence and greatly prefer the look of wood or vinyl, but not the costs of maintenance involved, there are a number of things that you can do to improve the style of your new chain-link fence.

Opt for a Powder Coated Finish

While chain-link fencing typically has a metal, grey finish, you have the option of getting it powder coated in practically any color you want. Some popular choices for chain-link colors include dark green, brown, and black. The color of the exterior of your home, the neighboring homes, and the landscaping can all help contribute towards what color of fencing you should choose.

Get Vinyl Panels Inserted into the Fence

An easy way to add some extra privacy to your chain-link fencing is through the use of vinyl panels. These panels can be easily tucked in between the gaps of the chain-link, to provide better privacy without costing a fortune.

After the fence is installed, you can even add the panels yourself to save some money on beautifying the fence. The colors available for vinyl panels also make it easy to customize your fencing to exactly as you want it.

Grow Vines to Creep in Between the Chain-Link

Another way to add more privacy to your home with chain-link fencing is by growing climbing vines. Morning Glory, Passion Flower, Trumpet vine, and Wisteria are all beautiful options for flowering vines that can easily spruce up your yard, while providing the privacy that you desire.

Plant Shrubs Alongside the Fence

Another way to provide a sense of separation between your front lawn and the space outside the fencing is through planting a few shrubs along the fence. This can help reduce the line of sight into your yard and even make a big difference in the way that your home looks since shrubs can be found in a variety of appearances, including tropical and lush.

As you prepare for the installation of a chain-link fencing or you're a little unsatisfied with the lack of privacy of your newly installed fence, you can make a big difference in the way that it looks with the addition of some landscaping or other quick fixes to the fence. 

For more options, tips, and information, talk with a fencing contractor in your area, such as those at Carter Fence.