Style, Privacy, And Chain-Link Fencing

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The average chain-link fence has a purely utilitarian feel. It looks at home surrounding a warehouse, but does it have a place in suburbia? While you might think that chain-link will clash with the style you want to create for your home, the right finishes will help to elevate your chain-link from something you would rather not see to something that helps your home stand out from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. 

Wood Accents

A chain-link fence will typically have metal posts with metal caps. Some chain-link fences will also have metal top rails that add a little more structure to the fence. If you are looking for a way to dress up your fence, you should consider using wooden posts and rails. You might also consider adding rails in the middle of your fence. While rails at the top and bottom of your chain-link give you something to tie the chain link off to, the middle rail will simply serve to add style to your fence. The main reason to add a middle rail is to help to mimic the look of a rail fence. In any case, the wood should stand out from a distance to give your yard a classic charm, and the chain-link will act as a barrier to keep children and/or pets in your yard. 

Vinyl Coating

Even with wooden accents, you still might not like the look of the grey galvanized steel that chain-link is made from. In this case, you should consider vinyl-coated chain link. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors. If you are feeling daring, you might choose a color of vinyl that will stand out. For example, a white vinyl with white posts can make a nice design accent to your home. If you would rather draw as little attention to the chain-link as possible, you should consider using a deep green. This will help the chain-link to blend in to the grass in your yard or any natural areas beyond your house. 

The main reason to look into chain-link fencing is that it is cheaper and requires less maintenance than other options such as vinyl or wood. Still, just because you are trying to save money does not mean that you have to surround your home with a purely utilitarian fence. With a little creativity, you can create a chain-link fence that complements the look you create elsewhere in your home. Talk with a company like Town & Country Fence for more ideas for your chain-link fencing.