Opening Mechanisms For Automatic Gates

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An automatic gate can add an extra level of security to your property. It is important to remember, however, that the type of mechanism you use to open your gate will have an impact on the look and functionality of your fence. From lift gates to rolling gates, you have your hands full when choosing an automatic gate. 

The Rollaway Gate

A rollaway gate slides to one side on carefully designed rails. One of the advantages of a rolling gate is that less force is required to move one out of the way as compared to lifting a gate. This allows you to use heavier gates and/or a smaller motor. Using a small motor will help to keep your installation and operating costs down. As far as aesthetics are concerned, a lift gate will stand on end, which can create a visual distraction; whereas, a rollaway gate blends in with the rest of your fence. If you plan to keep your gate open most of the time, you might want to consider a rollaway gate, so that it less noticeable. Furthermore, a standing gate is more likely to catch wind, so if you live in a windy area, this might play a part in making your decision. 

The Tilting Gate

A tilt gate will have a lifting mechanism on one side, which will rotate your gate until it stands on end to one side of the opening in your fence. Often, lift gates feature nothing more than a bar or a couple of bars, but with the right design, you can lift a more decorative or substantial gate out of the way. The main disadvantage to a lift gate is that you have to use a larger motor to lift heavier gates, which increases your costs. 

The True Lift Gate

A third option is to install a gate that lifts straight up. Having a gate that is anchored on both sides will make a more secure barrier than either of the other two options discussed. In that a lift gate will only lift so far, it is not a good choice for any entryways that have to allow delivery or utility trucks into your property. However, limiting the height of vehicles that enter into your property can add another layer to your security measures. 

These are only three of the options for an automatic gate, but these examples should suffice to illustrate the types of considerations you must make when choosing a gate for your property. Talk over each option with your fencing contractor to decide which option is right for your situation. To learn more, speak with a business like Morris Fence Co.