Everything You Need To Know About Underground Fencing

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Underground fences, often called in-ground fences, are extremely useful for anyone with an outdoor pet. They are far more versatile and less expensive than traditional fences and are also a great alternative for dogs with an aggressive chewing habit. The fence contains an electrical pulse. The pooch wears a collar that reacts when it comes in close contact with the fence. There are many different styles of underground fences and just as many ways to set them up, making them a reasonable choice for almost everyone.

What Type of Fence Do You Need?

The first decision you'll have to make is which specifications you prefer for your fence. For instance, there are some that are waterproof, others are wireless, and some are made for smaller yards. For lakefront homes, waterproof in-ground fences can be placed in the lake, though most fences lose their connection if the wire is buried more than 10 feet deep. Wires can be sunk below the surface with heavy objects like rocks or bricks. This will keep your pup from jumping into the lake chasing ducks and getting stranded or drowning.

Most underground fences will come with a special collar that activates once it reaches the fence line. Finding a collar that is appropriate for your dog's size is important, so be sure to check out how much each collar weighs before choosing one.

Portable Wireless Fences

There are also options for portable wireless models or models that have wires that need to be buried in the ground. The wireless models are great for temporary solutions to fencing. They're great to use in general, because they can be easily gathered and transported when taking a vacation or if you move. The wired options can be easily installed over a weekend by someone with minimal DIY skills, though some knowledge of wiring helps. Many kits are complete with everything needed. Others may require you to supply your own wire, which also gives you greater freedom to choose which areas will be covered by the fence.

For many people, the most attractive thing about an underground fence is that it is cheaper than a traditional fence and isn't such a visual eyesore. For renters or new homeowners who can't afford a traditional fence or aren't allowed to permanently modify the property, underground fences are a great option. A little research into which style suits your particular needs will help save money in the long run. Visit Kiwi Fencing Company, Inc for more information.