3 Types Of Non-Privacy Fences To Beautify Your Backyard

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Vinyl fence is a popular choice with homeowners due to its durability, weather-resistance, and versatility. There are numerous vinyl fence types available beyond the standard privacy fence that can start to look like a big, flat white wall. Here are a few more stylish options. Consult your fencing company to discuss what styles might work best in your particular yard.


Picket fences are a couple of feet tall and feature spaced out vinyl planks arranged between slightly taller decorative posts. The planks can run straight across between the posts or become shorter then taller to form a scalloped pattern.

Picket vinyl fences are a great alternative border fence if you don't need the height and blockage of a privacy fence. If you have a garden in the rear of your home, you can alternate picket sections with taller lattice sections up which ivy and other crawling flowers can grow.

You can also get picket fences in an alternating style. This means that each plank switches what side of the fence it is on. The alternating style gives the picket fence a bit more coverage while still allowing through air.

Lattice-Topped Semi-Privacy

Need some privacy for your yard but don't need a full six-foot tall wall? A lattice-topped semi-privacy fence might be a good choice for you.

The bottom of the fence looks like a traditional privacy fence with the close-set white vinyl planks. But the top foot or so of the fence is an open and airy latticework that runs the length of the fence. The lattice adds visual interest, allows in a breeze, and gives you an additional place to put hanging plants.

You can also opt to have your lattice-topped semi-privacy fence placed around the backyard then gradually decrease in size until changing into a picket fence in the front yard. The beauty of vinyl fencing is that different panel types can easily match together to suit your yard's specific needs.

Faux-Stone Wall

Do you want full-on privacy around your property but simply don't like the look of traditional vinyl privacy fences? Ask your fencing company about faux-stone vinyl fencing. Using these panels with dramatic fence posts makes it look as if you have a stone wall around your property – with a much lower price tag.

Faux-stone walls don't pair with other types of vinyl fencing as seamlessly, so this choice is best if you plan to fence in your entire yard with one type. The stone walls are available in a variety of natural colors, so you should have no trouble finding a color that you love that also suits the color of your home.

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